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Facilities & Services

Computer and E.T. Lab:
Our computing infrastructure offers a truly various range of hardware and software platforms for the student to appreciate and gain wide-ranging experience. A classroom with many Computers, a projection facility along with a Multimedia Laboratory is the other attraction. Access to high-speed Laser printing including color printing is also available. Most of the classrooms are equipped with an instructional technology platform.

Principal Room:
Staff Room:
Class Room:
Games Room:
Chemistry Lab:
Physics Lab:
Biology Lab:
Biology Lab:
Agriculture Room:
Tailoring Room:

List of Equipment of Educational Technology Lab:
SNo Particulars Qty.
1 Color Television 1
2 Video Cassette Player 1
3 Computer Disk Player 1
4 Tape Recorder 1
5 Radio 1
6 Mike Machime 1
7 Speaker 2
8 Slide-cum Film Strip Projector 1
9 Overhead Projector 1
10 Still Camera 01
11 Blank Audio Cassette 10
12 Computer Sets 4
13 Transparency Sheets 40
14 White Sheets 10
15 Color Sets 1
16 Lances 1
17 Scale 2
18 Calculator 2
19 Blank CDs 10

Language Learning Lab:

SNo Particulars Qty.
1 Educational Charts 6
2 Globe 1
3 Alphabet Sets 4
4 Counting Sets 4
5 Noun, Pronoun, Adverb etc. Charts 10
6 Drawing Sheets 50
7 Sketch Color 10 Packets
8 Thermo Sheets 20
9 Marker Pen 5
10 Color Pencils 10 Packets
11 Color Chocks 10 Packets
12 Black Board 5
13 Pointer 3
14 Light Pointer 2

Psychology Lab:
Our college has many kind of psychology test and apparatus like:

Faculty Development Programme:
Faculty Development is a critical aspect of the Institute's multi-various activities. Several initiatives are taken to make members of the faculty better equipped academically and research oriented. They are free to take up research programmes, write research paper and participate in seminars. Institute is also contributing in development of faculties by organising Programmes like:

In its spectrum of activities, besides imparting quality education, We have been organising a series of seminars and workshops covering various comtemporary issues in the field of Education.

Games & Sports:
With physical fitness being a fundamental need in the context of globalized environment. We are endeavors to develop all the college students into physically fit professionals. Every year sports meet include different events like Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton (Single, double, Mixed double) Table Tennis. The meets are scheduled within & outside the campus.


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